Troubled Moon Films is an independent film studio located in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania suburbs. Our focus is to provide high-quality, budget films to a mass audience. We specialize in unique stories, horror/sci-fi/comedy films that are best described as cult entertainment.

Our track record has exceeded our hopes: In 2002 we created "Revenge of the Earth Chomping Intergalactic Space Marauder" - a 45 minute homage to sci-fi films of the 50s married to the 1960s Godzilla-tromps-town films!

2002 was also the year we created "Fungicide", a feature length film that has gone on to domestic and international distribution in countries as diverse as Indonesia, Japan and Thailand.

The next year saw both commercials and concert films to expand our knowledge base and experience.

In 2004, "Suburban Sasquatch" was released upon the populace as a horror cult film and saw great exposure from the Cherokee Film Festival and was subsequently released to domestic and international DVD in 2006. This film is available in many stores such as Fye, and is available on Netflix. It's distribution has been in Mexico, Japan, Russia, and continues to grow! It's been featured in Fangoria and has been Maxim Media Internationals #9 best seller for months!

2005 saw our experimental release of "Tartarus", which premiered at the Baltimore Science Fiction convention and has gone on to win rave reviews from film sites such as Rogue Cinema and Microcinema Scene as well as the Deadpit on-line radio reviews.

In 2006, "Zombies By Design" premiered to an eager crowd at a charity event and has been our best seller on-line to date!

Fungicide has been re-released in Japan with a major marketing campaign, and Suburban Sasquatch continues to sell worldwide and gain a growing cult audience. 2010 saw the theatre run of "Malevolent Ascent", and our last release "Adventures of the Haunted Hunted" was accompanied with Radio Dramas - a unique idea in this day and age